• NB_IOT Introduction to wireless technology


    Nb-iot is a hot term in the past two years. Like the Internet of things and big data, IT is hot in the IT industry.Nb-iot, short for Narrow BandInternetof Things, is based on LTE technology (3GPP Release 13) for compatibility with......

  • 5G is coming!What can it do that 4G can't?


    Domestic research has begun on 6G, and the consensus is based on artificial intelligence.
    It is an inevitable trend of communication technology and network technology to move towards intelligence. The network architecture of 6G m......

  • Embedded World 2019


    On February 26, 2019, the grand opening of the Embedded World 2019 was held as scheduled in nuremberg, Germany. With its full range of Internet of things products, the new high-tech iot was presented in full attire, bringing a ref......

  • China unicom announced the nationwide launch of eSIM


    China unicom announced the opening of eSIM for the first time in the country, which means eSIM will enter the public eye on a large scale.

  • Shanghai launches 5G trial what about 5G experience


    The world's first regional 5G network was completed and started trial in Shanghai today.

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