Shanghai launches 5G trial what about 5G experience
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The world's first regional 5G network was completed and started trial in Shanghai today.
The world's first regional 5G network was completed and started trial operation in Shanghai today, domestic media reported.

The opening ceremony of the world's first double gigabit zone was held in hongkou district, Shanghai.

Wu qing, vice mayor of Shanghai, made the first 5G mobile phone call, marking the city's status as China's first 5G trial city.

China mobile said it will complete the construction of at least 5,000 5G base stations across Shanghai in September, which means Shanghai will become a city with a 5G network by the end of September.

By the end of this year, China mobile will have built more than 10,000 5G base stations in Shanghai, and by 2021, more than 30,000 5G base stations will have been built in Shanghai, realizing deep coverage of 5G networks.

According to the information so far, China mobile, China telecom and China unicom will start trial commercial use of 5G network around this September. If all goes well, as many as 20 cities will have priority access to 5G in September.

China mobile will serve as a test city and application demonstration city for 5G commercialization in 17 cities, including hangzhou, Shanghai, guangzhou, suzhou, wuhan, Beijing, chengdu, shenzhen, Qingdao, tianjin, fuzhou, nanjing, guiyang and shenyang.

China unicom will soon follow suit with 5G commercial trials in 16 cities, including Beijing (and xiongan), wuhan, Qingdao, tianjin, nanjing, Shanghai, hangzhou, fuzhou, shenzhen, zhengzhou, chengdu and chongqing.
China telecom will take Shanghai, suzhou, chengdu, lanzhou, shenzhen and xiongan as the pilot cities for 5G commercialization, and continue to increase according to the progress.

At the end of 2019, both China mobile, China unicom and China telecom will launch 5G commercial terminal products on a large scale in the fourth quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, the country will officially enter the commercial 5G network in 2020.

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