Background of Broad Technology

ShenZhen Broad Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known domestic communication and electronic products agents, the company is headquartered in shenzhen, sales network covering the whole of China, with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. Solution set Planning, localization service and customer relationship are the core values of Broad Technology. Based on the agent products, for different customers and markets, the company launched a variety of applications, to provide relevant support, to speed up the production of customers Quality process. Rapid technical support and flexible business services enable Broad Technology to form a close win-win relationship with customers and suppliers, and become one of the most satisfied agents in mainland China. fine Market share and persistence are the marketing strategies of Broad Technology. The continuous success in consumer electronics, handheld mobile, industrial instruments, wireless meter reading products and other fields has enabled Broad Technology to obtain many internationally renowned chips Authorized agent of the manufacturer in China. Currently, Broad Technology co., ltd. is the agent of mstar China for sierra module China and zte module China

Broad science and technology module project resources

Profound professional background sierra (wavecom) Siemens zte huawei huali

Rich industry relations power vehicle repeater tablet handheld

Professional sales team and technical support

Strong capital logistics service capability

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